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GoodSleep Oasis with its crystalline structure boosts the body’s energy level and has positive effects on different types of ailments, supports the self-healing powers of the body by helping it to loosen blockages. It works especially well, when the body is resting or sleeping, as we are exposed to its positive vibrations for many hours in a row. It fills you with energy, balances the energy in your body and it continuously distributes the energy evenly. Helps you to keep your energy–system in balance or to re–balance it, in case balance was lost.

Using GoodSleep Oasis is an excellent way to bring more light into our body and to balance and harmonize our inner energies.

Due to their lifestyle and livelihood, some people’s bodies are whimpering from within, – this asserts itself in the sense of discomfort or pain in a certain body part. GoodSleep Oasis can be very helpful with more than just providing a good nights sleep.
GoodSleep Oasis
Helps with insomnia and fatigue.
Creates a positive atmosphere, enables peaceful dreams and deeper rest during the night.
Prevents stress and harmonizes relationships.
Helps reduce hyperactivity.
Helps with weight loss and nutrition by acting anti–stressful.
Supports and strengthens the immune system.
Invigorates the mind and body, rests and relaxes.
Calms emotionally, helps overcome depression, sadness and fear and helps with anxiety.
Enhances better productivity and reduces fatigue.
Helps with chronic pain in the neck; upper, mid and lower back.
Helps with circulation problems and with regulating blood pressure.
Helps with difficult breathing and chest pressure.
Positively affects emotional and mental harmonization.
Relieves headaches and migraines.
Supports tissue regeneration and strengthens the muscular system.
Helps with renewing of bodily energy, which is very important in recovery after surgery, treatment of cancerous and chronic diseases.
Invigorates the mind and body, helps with better concentration in learning, better memory and performing physical challenges.
Awakens spiritual awareness, love for those around us and enhances self–love.
Enhances better sport achievements.
Enhances positive attitude, optimism and enthusiasm.
Enhances good mood that we pass on to those around us and on the environment.
Enhances creativity, provides calmness and a happier mood and increases productivity in any working environment
Enhances greater mental, physical and spiritual abilities.
Creates a positive living environment.
Helps with digestive discomforts.